How you got hurt can impact the way your lawsuit, moves forward, but it should not impact you getting better!

*We are not medical doctors and this should not be construed as medical advice.*

How were you hurt

            Whether you were hurt in a car accident, while on the job, or walking around the grocery store, you need to be your own best advocate to get better. In personal injury law, attorneys often see individuals who did not know how to advocate for themselves within an overtaxed medical system and corporate insurance, so they just went along with treatment and/or gave up and never got better.

Consulting an attorney

Can be a helpful way to see what your options are for treatment. We are not doctors, but we do know how the medical field and insurance reacts to injuries, and are capable of more facetime than many doctors, given the high numbers of patients they have to see regularly.

Generally a consult for an injury claim is free because injury claims are usually run on contingency fee agreements. That means you do not have to pay anything to talk to an attorney about your injury and see if you have a case. This also means you may be able to have guidance on what to ask your doctors about next steps, to ensure the doctors are thinking about all of your options and taking your injury seriously. This is especially hard if you are able to push through the pain and continue living your every-day life – it does not appear to be as serious of an injury. But does that mean you should give up and just live in pain? NO!

Know your options

If you have tried physical therapy without relief and are abiding by the therapist’s home exercise program, you may consider asking about imaging. If you have numbness and tingling or radiating pain, you may ask about neurology or a spine specialist. A lawyer is not here to direct your medical treatment, but we have experience with many, many injury claims, so we see how certain injuries are treated, develop, and resolve, and provide strategy assistance.

We have ideas about providers who are good advocates for your injuries as well. Some doctors do not want to be involved in litigation, some doctors only deal in pain management or family medicine and will not treat accident injuries, some doctors will take advantage of an accident injury and overtreat. A big problem with overtreatment can be a chiropractor, and we have seen that it is beneficial to continue to check in with your primary care physician while visiting a chiropractor to discuss how your injury is progressing and whether you should try other treatment options.

The biggest lesson here is not to give up

More than likely someone can help you and you need to stand up for yourself and make sure you are being treated well and properly. If you are not sure you can handle that for yourself, an attorney can stand in your corner with you and provide guidance.

*Disclaimer: The following posts are for informational purposes only, they are not specifically applied to any case and are not to be relied upon as legal advice.

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